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Arminius. Arminianism and Europe. On the 4th centennial of the death of Jacobus Arminius

October 9, 2009
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On 19 October 1609 Jacobus Arminius died in the city of Leiden, where he was a professor in theology since 1603. An international conference at Leiden University (The Netherlands) will be devoted to Arminius' life, work and legacy. Renowned scholars from Europe and the United States will discuss Arminius' writings and his influence on 17th and 18th century theology. Arminius was one of those theologians who gave lasting direction to the Christian tradition. He was esteemed for the way in which he sought a via media between strict Calvinism and a more humanistic variant of belief. However, because of his deviation from mainstream Calvinism, he was also been violently attacked. Was he a pioneer, who enriched the Reformed tradition by opening it towards new horizons, or a heretic, who founded a new tradition? The theme of the conference is Arminius, Arminianism and Europe. What was the essence of Arminius' theology? What was the issue at stake in the conflict around it? How was Arminius received in Europe: in Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland? How far did it prepare the way for the ideals of the Enlightenment, which made its entry later on in the 17th century?


Leiden University (Remonstrant Seminary and Institute for Religious Studies


Friday 9 October: Academy Building (Rapenburg 73). Friday: English spoken. Saturday 10 October: Lokhorstkerk, Pieterskerkstraat 1. Saturday: Dutch spoken., Leiden, the Netherlands


drs. Marijke Tolsma

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