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5th International Conference on the History of Drugs and Alcohol, Glasgow 2009

June 26, 2009
University of Strathclyde

United Kingdom

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The biannual conference of the Alcohol and Drugs in History Society is being hosted for the first time in the UK by the Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare, Glasgow, a research collaboration between the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian University. The conference is seeking papers and panels that connect with the broad subject of the 'pathways to prohibition'. Proposed papers or panels can be on any topic in the history of intoxicants, drugs and alcohol, and the conference hopes to draw on case studies from all periods and geographical contexts. Some issues to be considered include - The representation of consumers which underlay decisions to instigate or reject prohibition; The strategies of consumers and suppliers when confronting the challenges of prohibition; Changing ideas about consumption under prohibition regimes; The relationship between local initiatives and the national and international politics of prohibition; Routes to, and out of, prohibition. Abstracts of proposed papers (no more than 500 words long) or of proposed panels should be sent by email or post by the date below.


Dr Patricia Barton


Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare Glasgow University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK


Dr Patricia Barton

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