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A Matter of Urgency: LGBTQ Oral History Skills Sharing Day

October 3, 2018
Oral History Society LGBTQ Special Interest Group

London Metropolitan Archives
United Kingdom

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Presented by the Oral History Society LGBTQ Special Interest Group.

Hosted by London Metropolitan Archives (£15 plus VAT - fee includes lunch) Open to all.

This event will address issues concerning LGBTQ oral history practice and theory. Members of the Oral History Society LGBTQ Special Interest Group have observed that, in many ways, LGBTQ oral history presents different challenges and involves different methods from other forms of oral history. In this day-long discussion and workshop, we will interrogate why this may be.

When the Oral History Society was created in 1973, one of its main aims was to uncover stories from marginalised communities, in an attempt to create a boarder historical record and a greater understanding of our society. As one of those groups whose voices have been previously unheard, LGBTQ oral historians are now exploring our own past and retrieving stories which have never been told. But how do we collect a hidden heritage, and how can we document it before it is lost? We believe this to be A Matter of Urgency, and invite you to join us in this important discussion.

Topics being addressed in the LGBTQ Skills Sharing Day include:

Insider/Outsider positioning of the interviewer - Advantages and disadvantages, and whether these binary terms are helpful in LGBTQ oral history.

Ethical approaches and considerations - Consent and ‘Shared Authority’. How close we are to our past oppression, and how do we share what we learn?

The interview process itself - The formation of a narrative between two, or more, people. Assumptions we make. Coming out in that space.

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October 3, 2018, 9:00am BST

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