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CFP: Institutional Erasure of Race: Violence Across Time and Space

Submission deadline: August 29, 2018

Conference date(s):
October 4, 2018

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Conference Venue:

University College London
London, United Kingdom


'Institutional Erasure of Race: Violence Across Time and Space' represents an interdisciplinary working group which attempts to meet at regular intervals in order  to study the different modes through which modern institutions have contributed towards structural violence in relation to racial discrimination. We are particularly interested in examining a modern shift that has seen race increasingly erased as a legitimate marker of difference in formal institutional discourse, while racial difference has simultaneously been consolidated in other spheres; at times camouflaged in public consciousness, at others operating through informal institutional or social practices.

Approaching this question from our various fields of anthropology, history and psychology, we are aware that such important and complex issues are insufficiently understood when examined through the confines of our independent disciplinary methodologies. We are thus explicitly multi-disciplinary and comparative in our outlook, and are seeking to bring together researchers across disciplines to be a part of a working group that will inspire critical reflections on this topic. We anticipate this will include scholars working in law, sociology, anthropology, history, psychology, public policy, political science, and critical race studies.

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