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CFP: The Third Way: new perspectives on the Blair-Clinton era

Submission deadline: October 13, 2017

Topic areas


The Third Way: new perspectives on the Blair-Clinton eraAnglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK, Saturday 24 March 2018

CALL FOR PAPERS – deadline for proposals, Friday 13 October 2017

It is now over a decade since Tony Blair left office, and twenty five years since Bill Clinton won the US presidency. In light of recent political developments (Donald Trump and Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders) this conference affords an opportunity for political scientists and historians to consider the Third Way with analytical distance, but also to explore the lessons it offers for the current political landscape. Although centred on the Anglo-American Third Way, this conference welcomes contributions on its other variations, including in Europe and Australia.

The Labour History Research Unit at Anglia Ruskin hosts a range of events and conferences on the history of the Labour Party and wider labour movement. We intend this conference to lead to a major publication – as with previous conferences on the 1929-31 Labour Government, Labour and the First World War, and Labour and the left in the 1980s (all published in edited volume form by Manchester University Press). We welcome and value applications from every community and background.

Please send abstracts (max. 250 words) by Friday 13 October 2017to

Possible topics for papers (20 mins max.) include but are not limited to:

- the personalities of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and other leading figures

- European and Australian perspectives on the Third Way

- the ideas that informed the Third Way

- attitudes towards women, ethnic minorities, and other politically marginalised groups

- globalisation in various forms both economic and cultural

- the role of polling, tactics, and how to 'hear' the electorate successfully

- particular election cycles, and transnational comparisons

- relationships between national and local parties

- the Third Way at the grass roots

- the position of the Labour and Democratic left during the Third Way era, and that of the trade unions

- attitudes to tax, law and order, and welfare policy

- the role of think tanks in re-orienting the left in the 1980s/1990s

- outside though related domestic forces such as the Social Democratic Party

- dialogue between the UK Labour Party, US Democrats and other 'Third Way' forces

- Third Way foreign policy and role of military intervention

- the lead up to the 2008 economic crash

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