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The Society of Arts and the encouragement of Mineralogy and Geology 1754-1900

November 9, 2017
History of Geology Group, Geological Society

Society of Antiquaries
London W1J 0BE
United Kingdom

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The Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce was established in 1754, when arts had a broader definition encompassing invention and application. Characteristic of the Enlightenment the SA aimed to raise the standard of living through the encouragement and practical application of new discoveries, new inventions, and improved processes and methodologies. It sought to encourage by awarding prizes across a wide range of activities and disciplines. Its prizes in the fields of chemistry, metallurgy, cartography, and land improvement encouraged the new sciences of mineralogy and geology. Direct and indirect spin-offs from SA prizes advanced mineralogy and geology in field mapping, mineral exploration, coastal defence works, drainage and irrigation and securing clean water supplies. Membership of the Geological Society overlapped substantially with the Society of Arts and with other institutions, such as the Royal Institution, concerned with the development of science.

The programme consists of nine papers illustrating the wide range of the Society of Arts’ influence on the earth sciences. This foray into a little known area of history of geology promises to be interesting day and alert you to new research possibilities.

The conference registration fee includes the programme below, lunch, refreshments and abstracts of all presentations. The fee for members of HOGG, GA, WSG and GSL is £35.00. The fee for non-members is £45. If you would like to pay by cheque, please make cheque payable to HOGG, marking ‘SA conference’ on back, and post to:  HOGG, 61 Straight Road, Old Windsor, Berkshire SL4 2RT

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November 8, 2017, 12:00pm BST

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