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Scotland and Ireland: connecting nations, unions, and diasporas in the modern period

September 30, 2017
University of St. Andrews

St Andrews
United Kingdom

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Bound together by geographical proximity, Scotland and Ireland are underscored by political, cultural and religious ties. But such interconnections are often typified by difference. Indeed, Scotland and Ireland can be seen as similarly different, from certain angles.

English-speaking but not English, and with comparable access to “other” languages, literatures and histories, Scotland and Ireland can stand at both the centre and periphery of an “Anglophone” world. But these are also nations marked by centres and peripheries of their own, with those outwith the capitals of Dublin and Edinburgh frequently cast as figures “beyond the pale.” Both nations negotiate with varieties of Britishness; with multiple and often divisive states of nationalism. As such, Scotland and Ireland are inherently and unavoidably interconnected. This conference seeks to explore these relationships.

We welcome submissions on the following themes:

- Religion: schisms and ecumenisms.
- Literatures and “other” languages.
- Nationalisms in relation: with and outwith the British empire.
- Migrations, minorities and diasporic interactions.
- Gendered representations.
- Politics and institutions: unions, 'Home Rule(s)’, independence.
- Celticism and myths of “race.”
- Economics: Urban and Rural, including the Land Question.

Speakers are encouraged to submit a 300-word proposal and one-page curriculum vitae to by 17 May 2017. We anticipate being able to reimburse reasonable travel expenses for all speakers.

Piotr Potocki, Sean Murphy and Éadaoín Lynch (University of St Andrews) and Gary Hutchison (University of Edinburgh).

Conference Organisers.

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