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Holding / Held by the Book

July 1, 2016
University of Leeds

Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery
Parkinson Building
Leeds LS2 9JT
United Kingdom

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The Centre for the Comparative History of Print (Centre CHoP) at the University of Leeds (UK) is delighted to announce that registration for our conference 'Holding / Held By The Book' on Friday 1 July 2016 is now open. The conference takes place in the Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery, Parkinson Building, University of Leeds (UK).   

Registration for this one-day conference costs £10 and is available here

The draft programme is available here and will be updated regularly: 

Keynote speaker: Sheena Calvert (University of the Arts)

This one-day symposium considers what it means to hold a book as well as the continuing hold the book has upon its readers.  Books come in many shapes and sizes, yet reading, as a process, often makes the book itself disappear.  ‘Holding / Held By the Book’ recognizes the material dimensions of book culture, but places these in dialogue with the idea of the book more broadly.  The book has been many things over its long life and, with the emergence of the ebook, is changing once again.  This symposium explores how the form of the book structures its status as privileged cultural object: what happens to the status of the book, it asks, at a time when the book is taking on new forms?

Holding / Held By The Book

Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery, University of Leeds (UK), 1 July 2016


Registration (Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery)


Opening remarks, Sheppard Room, Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery


Panel Session #1

Holding the Book 1 (Sheppard Room)

Tim Mosely, ‘Holding  the book; touch in the reception and evaluation of an artefact’

Blair Coffey, ‘The Body as Archive: The Enduring Metaphor of the Genome as Book’ 

Beholden to the Book (1.08 Parkinson)

Simon Popple, ‘The Fluid Image: The Photo album as sacred text’

Fozia Bora, ‘The book as a ‘museum of texts’: medieval Islamic book culture as revealed in a rare Arabic chronicle of the 15th century’


Tea / Coffee


Panel Session #2

Continuities of the Book (Sheppard Room)

John McDowall, ‘From book to book: artists’ books as auto-reflexive practice’

Angie Butler, ‘Gripped: The Press, the Printer, the Artist’s Book and its Reader’

Illustrating the Book (1.08 Parkinson)

Elizabeth Knazook, ‘The Photographically Illustrated Book in Nineteenth-Century Canada and the Problem of Bibliographic Authority’

Lorna Sheppard, ‘The Cookbook as Material Object: Text and Illustration and the discourse of home making in Elizabeth David's book French Provincial Cooking (1960)’




Panel Session #3

Destroying the Book (Sheppard Room)

Anna Reynolds, ‘Rough Handling: The Eloquence of Broken Books’

Susan Wright, ‘Transforming the Book - not knowing becoming a form of knowing'

Avner Shamir, ‘Incombustible books in early modern Germany’

Holdings of Books (1.08 Parkinson)

Linda McGuire, ‘The Contents of Cicero’s Library: on producing and circulating books in ancient Rome’

Sophie Defrance, ‘“Not so much rarities as books containing problems to work out”: Samuel Sandars, Henry Bradshaw and Francis Jenkinson and the changing status of the book’

Jill Dye, ‘A book in the hand: uniting historic readers and their books at Innerpeffray Library’


Tea / Coffee


Panel Session #4

Publishing the Book (Sheppard Room)

Sayantan Mondal, ‘Cultural Ascent and Normative Discrimination: Role of Books in Registering Caste-Class Equation in the Nineteenth Century Bengali world of Letters’

Jenny Lelkes ‘Wastepaper masterpieces: Dust jacket design at the Hogarth Press’

Holding the Book II (1.08 Parkinson)

Sarah Binless, ‘Bookworm: The Master and Margarita’ perspectives on reading through artistic practice’

Louise Atkinson, ‘Lorem Ipsum’




Keynote Lecture (Sheppard Room)

Sheena Calvert, ‘Books and the Human’


Wine Reception (School of English)

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June 30, 2016, 12:00am BST

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