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Trade, Discovery and Influences in the History of Herbal Medicine

October 14, 2015
Herbal History Research Network

Jenner Room
Wellcome Trust, Gibbs Building
London NW1 2BE
United Kingdom

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The aim of this day, organised through the Herbal History Research Network, is to bring together researchers to explore issues related to trade and commerce of medicinal plants in the history of herbal medicine. Trade in medicinal plants has always been part of human culture. Historiography has tended to divide medicinal cultures into discrete traditions, but may obscure the extent to which they interacted through trade in medicinal products, learning medical skills in the process? What were issues of correct identification, of the quality and preservation of material, of over-harvesting or habitat degradation? A primary driver of early modern Western exploration to distant cultures was to gain direct access to precious herbal commodities. What impact did these exotic medicines have on herbal medicine practice?

About the Herbal History Research Network (HHRN)
A group of researchers have come together, including professionally trained medical herbalists, with active interests in the history of herbal medicine, ranging from classical studies to medieval, early modern and modern medicine. Recognising a lack of readily available research, HHRN aims to promote more and better research. This network can help to connect together people who share common interests in researching the history of herbal medicine through seminars and other events.

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September 14, 2015, 9:00am BST

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