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CFP: Victory 250: 'The Old Wooden Walls of England' - Building the Sailing Navy

Submission deadline: January 9, 2015

Conference date(s):
May 9, 2015 - May 10, 2015

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Conference Venue:

National Museum of the Royal Navy
Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Topic areas


This conference will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the launch of HMS Victory in 1765 and examine the national effort needed to produce the British sailing Royal Navy, including the impact it had on finance, industrialisation, technology, the environment, politics, strategy, defence and the wider British and Imperial society, as well as relations with other states.

Papers which address the following areas will be especially welcome:

  • Social and cultural history of navies 1750 to 1815

  • Economic impact of building the sailing navy

  • Impact of navies on domestic politics and related issues between 1750-1815

  • The impact on the environment

  • The impact of this national effort on industrialisation and technology

  • The relationship between politics, strategy, defence, and the wider British society or imperial society

  • The financing of the sailing navy and its impact on governments and governance

To submit a paper proposal please send a 300 word outline and a one page CV by 9 January 2015 to

or write to:

Dr Duncan Redford

National Museum of the Royal Navy,

HM Naval Base (PP66)



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