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The West at War: Global Conflict and Regional Impact 1450-2000

October 18, 2014
Regional History Centre, University of the West of England

M Shed, Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd
Bristol BS1 4RN
United Kingdom

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  • M Shed Museum, Bristol

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British history over the last five hundred and fifty years has been deeply coloured by acts of war. Although the majority of armed conflicts involving English, Scottish or British forces have been fought overseas, the British Isles have also seen a number of serious internal civil conflicts.

This conference takes the long view of the impact and experience of war on a single English region, the South West. Large scale global conflicts like the Seven Years War, the Napoleonic Wars and the First and Second World wars all left their mark on the West Country, but so too did the Cornish rebellions of 1497 and 1549, the Civil War, the Monmouth rebellion and in the Jacobite war of 1715.

More recently, the South West has furnished regiments and soldiers who have served world-wide in armed conflict. How has our understanding of warfare, its causes, its conduct and its consequences changed and developed from the late medieval period to the present? How have wars in distant places altered our perception of the world and our role in it? How have war and preparations for war impacted upon the social, political, economic and cultural lives of men, women and children in the West Country?

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October 3, 2014, 9:00am BST

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