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CFP: Hanoverian Tercentenary, 300 Years of Hanoverian Monarchy

Submission deadline: January 14, 2014

Conference date(s):
February 28, 2014 - March 1, 2014

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Conference Venue:

School of History, University of Liverpool
Liverpool, United Kingdom

Topic areas


New Perspectives on the Global Eighteenth Century

300 Years of Hanoverian Monarchy

A Tercentenary Commemoration

28 February – 1 March 2014

Plenary Speakers Include: 

Dr. Michael Schaich (GHIL).

Dr. Andrew Thompson (Cambridge).

The University of Liverpool’s Eighteenth-Century Worlds promotes innovative new research in the political, cultural, economic and social history of the eighteenth century (c.1650-c.1850), from a variety of historical, theoretical and critical perspectives. We particularly encourage work that adopts international, comparative and/or interdisciplinary approaches to the global eighteenth century. Our annual series of early career workshops provide a platform for scholars to meet, discuss, and explore new perspectives on the global eighteenth century. This year, the workshop will commemorate 300 years of Hanoverian monarchy.

In 1714, a direct Stuart succession ended with the passing of Queen Anne. A new reign was ushered in with the Electors of Hanover assuming their new role as Kings of Britain, two dominions that had become inextricably linked. The Hanoverian dimension in British history was a momentous transition that deeply affected the scope and direction of world politics. Inheriting extensive foundations for empire, the Hanoverian monarchy had a significant impact on the shifting ‘balance of power’ in Europe, a pressure that was realised in its colonies. Britain remained a nation divided, with many contemporaries forced to contend with a rival court intent on the restoration of their deposed sovereign. Whilst supporters shouldered a responsibility to secure the Hanoverian accession, others felt duty bound to resist and endeavour against it.

This two day workshop seeks to explore the relationship that was forged and tested between Britain, Hanover and the wider world. Attendees can expect to benefit from informal debates and themed panels in a relaxed, scholarly environment. There will be a chance to experience some of the more tangible artefacts from the period in a session provided by Pauline Rushton, Curator of Decorative Arts for National Museums Liverpool. Papers that address the subject of the Hanoverian monarchy from the accession of George I (1714) to the beginning of the reign of Queen Victoria (1838) will be warmly received. Themes for discussion may include, but are not limited to:

> Cross-pollination between Britain and Hanover concerning the formulation, role and influence of domestic and foreign policy, literature and the dissemination of ideas:

> Jacobitism and the attempts for a Stuart restoration:

> The repercussions of itinerant and absentee kingship:

> The role, character and impact of Hanoverian government in Britain:

> Dissent, popular politics and the public sphere: 

> Hanoverian politics and culture depicted in architecture, arts and the landscape:

> The impact of Hanoverian monarchy on world politics, European empires and their colonies: 

> Debates in early-modern historiography. The multiple kingdoms approach to history, the convergence of Britain and Hanover and its effect on the perspectives of historians:

Eighteenth-Century Worlds invites proposals from postgraduate and postdoctoral scholars working in all fields of eighteenth-century studies. Proposals (up to one side, single-spaced) should be based on an original research project that deals with an aspect of the workshop theme. Applicants are required to offer a conference-style paper of no more than 20 minutes in length.

For further information, or to submit a proposal, please contact: Dr. Mark Towsey or Phillip Sargeant 

Proposals should be submitted by: 13 January 2014

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