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The Anglo-German Naval Arms Race and the First World War at Sea

July 16, 2014 - July 18, 2014
National Museum of the Royal Navy

National Museum of the Royal Navy
Portsmouth PO1 3NH
United Kingdom

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Keynote speakers:

Norman Friedman
James Goldrick
Seapower Centre (Australia)
Nicholas A. M. Rodger
University of Oxford

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This conference aims to explore the Anglo-German naval arms race during the early twentieth century and the Great War at sea with an emphasis prior to the Battle of Jutland.  Any methodological approach and any aspect of the naval history of this period will be very welcome, including papers addressing French, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, Turkish, Italian or Dominion navies as well as the core areas of Britain and Germany.

Papers which address the following areas will be especially welcome:

·         Social and cultural history of navies 1900-1916

·         Economic impact of the arms race

·         Impact of the arms race on domestic politics and issues

·         Use of intelligence 1900-1916

·         Impact of the naval arms race on wider international relations

·         Naval leadership, education and management 1900-1916

·         Technological developments 1900-1916

·         Strategy, operations and tactics 1900-1916

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July 14, 2014, 4:00pm BST

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